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New Art Etched Jewellery!

Celebrate the end of Lockdown

During the past year Jewellery GloohBaah has been making the most of the Art Etching Cooperative at North Star Printmakers Studio in Brighton.

See a selection of her recent jewellery items at Kingsley Road House in Artist Open House event from May 7 22.

A range of excellent celebratory gifts as we come to the end of the Coronavrus Lockdown.



BeetleAmour Series

Sandy created the BeetleAmour Series as part of her Masters in Craft at Brighton University. 
She has continued her fascination for beetles at JewelleryGloohBaah with a jewellery range created with art etched, hallmarked, silver spoons.

The Jewellery GloohBaah Studios & Workshops

Jewellery GloohBaah has a tradition of handcrafted innovative designs produced with'Ladles of Love'!

Ladles of Love

JewelleryGloohBaah has a new series called Ladles of Love. 

The series blends the Celtic heritage which is at the heart of Jewellery GloohBaah!

"Mythical stories were a constant narrative from my childhood that continually resurface in the images & stories that appear in many of my coveted keepsakes!"

The passion for texture has been applied with art etched detail. Each piece is unique & will vary slightly due to it's hand crafted nature.


Craft Workshop

The JewelleryGloohBaah Workshop was established by Sandy Reeves-Walsh over 10 years ago when she opened The GloohBaah House for the first time for the Brighton Artist Open House Event.

It is where the unique handcrafted items are born & cherished before finding a caring home.

Sandy works tirelessly to produce new innovative prototype jewellery, which is exhibited bi-annually at the AOH event. 

Popular lines are then finessed to feature on her Etsy UK Shop

Etch Workshop

JewelleryGloohBaah adds unique images to jewellery & accessories by Art Etching the metal.

Each item is hand etched which means they all vary slightly just like you & me.

Beetle Amour Tie Pins

Made from hallmarked silver teaspoons, these Art Etched Beetles can be worn on a tie or lapel.

The pins have sterling silver pins & clasps.

See JewelleryGloohBaah on Etsy Uk


Hand Fused Tribal Pendant

JewelleryGloohBaah experiments with fused glass to produce this unique pendant on sterling silver snake chain.

Sandy has formed linkages in silver too!


Key Worker Medals

Recently auctioned for Brighton RISE UK to raise money for victims of abuse.

Sandy can produce these verdigris copper medals by commission only.


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