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Love & Spoon Links

The recent revival of Peasant Art a valued cultural act of crafting artifacts into treasured gifts, linked with Sandy's research into her Welsh Celtic roots has inspired the recent fascination for love spoons.
Although traditionally whittled in wood out of a single piece of wood, the first of  the JewelleryGloohBaah love spoons was produced as a brass prototype.
Then developed into the 
"Ladles of Love" spoon in brass & copper.
The etched detail uses a Celtic Love Knot from the Book of Kells.
The copper, limited edition is can be antiqued or verdigris & can, on request, be personalized with initials & date stamp.
A cool key fob or talisman on a leather thong...
Perfect forever gifts for loved ones of all ages... birth, confirmation, marriage or anniversary. 
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The Jewellery GloohBaah Studios & Workshops

Jewellery GloohBaah has a tradition of handcrafted innovative designs produced with'Ladles of Love'!

Ladles of Love

JewelleryGloohBaah has a new series called Ladles of Love. 

The series blends the Celtic heritage which is the heart of Jewellery GloohBaah! Mythical stories were a constant narrative that resurface in the images & stories that constantly appear in coveted keepsakes.

The passion for texture has been applied with art etched detail. Each piece is unique & will vary slightly due to it's hand crafted nature.


JewelleryGloohBaah Workshop

The JewelleryGloohBaah Workshop was established by Sandy Reeves-Walsh over 10 years ago. 

It is where the unique handcrafted items are born & cherished before finding a caring home.

Why not contact to discuss personal elements that can be added to your gift?

Art Etching Studio

JewelleryGloohBaah adds unique images to jewellery & accessories by Art Etching the metal. Each item is hand etched which means they all vary slightly just like you & me.

Copper Etched Cuffs

Congratulations on your Anniversary! These copper cuffs are lovingly art etched by Jewellery GloohBaah.

They are part of the Beetle Amour Series which formed an integral narrative to much of the studio's recent research into creating a sustainable ecosystem for these hidden creatures to survive.

 The cuffs will adjust slightly to fit. Why not add your own stamped message to the inside?


Silver Etched Button Hole Chains

JewelleryGloohBaah offers a variety of silver etched button hole chains for Steam Punk style that will last longer than a flower!

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Upcycled Copper Flex Rings

Antiqued & Verdigris to accentuate the contrast between Copper & Silver a constant influence to the JewelleryGloohBaah collections! Gifts for Him & Her on JewelleryGloohBaah at


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